Gtext Homes Brings First Ever Residential Tower

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Location : Majan, Dubai

It’s Already 6Years Our Real Estate Firm Started! Don’t miss meeting with the Founder, it’s an event to share deep secrets in the Real Estate sector that has gotten us this far. Success leaves clues, when you learn the clues you replicate the result.

There is no bad location to leave! Dubai has amazing opportunities for you to build wealth. We got here January’s this Year and now we build our own first ever Residential Tower outside in Nigeria

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I look forward to sharing how to build wealth here in Dubai.
For enquiries call: +971 58 521 0922 / +971 58 521 0924
I believe God for you this Month, it shall be a great month for you in Jesus name. I love you and God bless you!
Dr Stephen Akintayo

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