UAE Announce Remote Work Visa


UAE is offering great deals in giving people the opportunity of working in UAE and have a visa in easy and efficient way. In which they are doing their best to offer the help for those people who are aiming to enter the workforce and have a good future. A new Remote Work Visa has been already approved by the United Arab Emirates to allow workers from all around the world, even though their enterprises which are based in another country, to give the opportunity to live remotely in the UAE. Moreover, the visa for one year permits foreigners to enter the UAE and work according to visa terms and conditions. The new scheme is designed to support the private and public sectors and allow workers to extend their digital capabilities and adapt to the evolving gig economy.

The new resolutions that are among several projects which the Cabinets already approved for the UAE to become an ideal place of work, and tourism as well during a session presided over by our great Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, he is the Vice President, the Prime Minister of the UAE, and Governor of Dubai.  Moreover, Sheikh Mohammed mentioned on his twitter, “Our visa, which allows people from all over the world to work and live from a distance away from the United Arab Emirates, even though their firms are based in another country, and this was approved by the chaired Cabinet Meeting. Moreover, in order to reinforce the UAE’s global economic capital status, they also accepted a multiple entry visa for all nationalities”.

Besides, our great Sheik Mohammed mentioned that the UAE government carry on to formulate flexible plans for business people, and frame programs to make the United Arab Emirates one of the greatest countries in the world in providing good services, and providing people and inhabitants with the highest quality of life to live and experience. Moreover, he mentioned that “We strive to achieve straightforward goals to improve their world-wide economic status, and provide people and residents with the best possible quality of life to practice so that UAE growth trip lasts. The UAE firm has accepted a new Remote Work Visa system to allow workers from all around the world to remotely function in the UAE with the purpose of attracting talent and expertise from around the globe. Therefore, the one-year visa licences foreigners to enter the United Arab Emirates under self-patronage, and to work according to visa conditions.


The most important and the main step is, first consider in the area, aims at furthering the competitiveness of the tourism industry of the UAE, and encouraging the national economy as well. In  which, it gives entrepreneurs and talented people the chance to innovate in the secure, attractive business climate of the United Arab Emirates with access to all services, including international services and telecommunications. The new scheme aims at promoting the private and public sectors, improving work-life balance, and improving efficiency and the business climate generally. Moreover, it also allows staff to widen digital capabilities, and adapt to the evolving “gig” economy.

 The UAE Government Services Strategy which basically seeks to reinforce the competitiveness between the country in providing services in their industry, and to position it as the best company in the world to provide government the services which was among its new resolutions. In addition, the strategy is focused on five major pillars, with over 28 projects over the next two years to provide advanced and actual digital services that are available in every clock to consumers. Within one year, about 90 percent of the government services of the UAE are provided by a single intelligent platform, aiming in the coming future to bring more than 90 percent customer satisfaction.

We all see how UAE is on continuous growing and running rapidly for achieving goals and be a big part of the future. In which we can see how every single thing created in Dubai is known everywhere in the world and curious to come and visit!  And UAE is giving great opportunities to all people from different stages to come live, work, experience, and enjoy! UAE is a generous country, and doing their best to offer jobs for people everywhere and for all certificates in several types of visas. In which, in this report we discussed one of the modern visas they are offering now for people to work remotely and have residence visa for one full year.

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