RERA Forms

Form A | Broker’s Contract Agreement

RERA Form A is one of the forms in Dubai Real Estate that outline the agreement between the seller and real estate agent. The form includes details about the property, including service charges, mortgage status, and payment schedules.

Form B | Buyer’s Agent Agreement

The best way to find the right property is to work with one qualified real estate agent. A qualified agent will be able to find you the right property based on your needs. This agent will only work for the buyer. In this scenario, a buyer’s agent completes FORM B and the buyer(s) sign the agreement.

Form I | Agent To Agent Agreement

When two agents engage to work together, Form I must be completed by both RERA certified agents. The purpose of this form it to protect the agent listings, agent clients and to ensure a professional relationship between two qualified RERA real estate agents.

Leasing Form | Leasing Agreement Contract

Leasing agreement describe the price, terms, and conditions of the property intended for leasing

Tenancy Contract

In simple terms, the tenancy contract or rental agreement is a legally binding contract that allows the tenant to use a property for a particular purpose and specified time period. The agreement details out all the lease terms and the mutually agreed-upon expectations and requirements of both parties.

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