Difference between Townhouse & Villa

Townhouses and villas are inspired by ancient architecture, so they have many things in common, but it is clearly stated that they are very much different from each other.

A townhouse is a terraced residential building whereas a villa consists of a large central building with all amenities surrounded by warehouses, stables, and the like according to the Roman construction of a villa.

One of the important differences between a townhouse and a villa is that a townhouse is used to represent contemporary housing in the terraced style. A villa need not be in the terraced style. Most famous villas built in the Roman style were not in the terraced fashion.

A villa is normally surrounded by beautiful gardens and landscapes whereas a townhouse is generally not surrounded by gardens or breathtaking landscapes. A villa is normally seen in areas that are not crowded. Townhouses on the other hand are seen in crowded areas.

Location, affordability

Townhouses are usually identified as more affordable than villas. Depending on one’s preferences, choices could range from a prime location such as the Lakes, a developing area supporting affordable homes such as Al Furjan, the outer ring of Dubai offering communities such as Mira and Mudon on Al Qudra Road, or in more desirable precincts such as Arabian Ranches.


As per research by ValuStrat, we find that the range for a three-bedroom villa within The Lakes is from Dh3.3 million-Dh3.7 million, as opposed to a three-bedroom town house in The Lakes at Dh2.2 million-Dh2.7 million.

A three-bedroom villa in Al Furjan will be in the range of Dh3.2 million-Dh3.5 million, while a three-bedroom townhouse in Al Furjan will achieve Dh1.9 million-Dh2.4 million. A three-bedroom villa in Mudon is capable of selling in the range of Dh3.4 million-Dh3.9 million, while a three-bedroom town house in nearby Mira sells at around Dh1.9 million-Dh2.4 million.

A three-bedroom villa in Saheel in Arabian Ranches is currently achieving Dh2.9 million-Dh3.3 million, while a three-bedroom town house in the Al Reem community of Arabian Ranches realizes Dh1.8 million-Dh2.4 million.

To meet the growing needs of a family with children or those living with extended family and pets, the requirement is usually for a larger plot — preferably a villa close to parks, pools, schools, and medical facilities and with the added possibility of social connection with similar family units. In this regard living in a villa community may be preferred.


A young professional couple may want to be close to a health, spa and fitness centre, gyms, restaurants and coffee shops. They may also want themed lifestyle developments offering leisure facilities such as golf courses and club houses for social interaction, and may also enjoy travelling for leisure or alternatively for work. They may also prefer a “lock up and go” lifestyle and elect the town house option.

Bachelors and single women professionals often opt for prestigious and strategically located apartments on locations such as the Dubai Marina, which offers beach and marina access and activities such as cycling, volley ball, kayaking, or Downtown Dubai, which features international retail offerings, malls, restaurants and the convenience of easy access to public transport.

View and noise

For most villa and townhouse occupants, a view is one of the selected criteria, albeit over water, canal, swimming pool, park or landscaped gardens, as opposed to construction in progress on a neighboring site, a blocked view or looking directly onto the neighbor’s property. It is found that in most affordable compact townhouses the view is generally that of the community.

An attached or terraced townhouse offers very little insulation when it comes to rowdy neighbors, while a villa offers a lot more distance and privacy, especially for outdoor living.


Parking in townhouses is usually very limited within a confined space with not much provision for additional parking for visitors, while villas may provide additional on-street parking.


The maintenance cost of a town house is usually less than a larger villa in that the built-up area is smaller, with insurance premiums, service charges and garden maintenance being more affordable.

The cost to refurbish, fit-out, decorate or furnish a smaller town house is also more manageable than a larger villa.


Finding the perfect residential community that combines work, home, leisure and play is inextricably linked to transport and ease of access to schools, work, home, and leisure facilities. Traveling time, traffic congestion, and access to public transportation are all part of the decision-making process and will be one of the deciding factors in the selection of a villa or a townhouse.

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