Six Most Extravagant Cities In The World

Many cities from different countries through all over the world have been developed rapidly and become one of the extravagant cities in the world. In which, these cities are from rich countries that knew how to consume their money. As well most of them were having innovative ideas that we can clearly see how developed they become and really known. Moreover, that leads them to become one of the popular in...


Dubai’s Amazing Upcoming Projects of 2021

United Arab Emirates is one of the greatest countries in the world. In which, when all the emirates got united, their development started to become the biggest in the world and be one of the most popular in growth and achievements. Moreover, they started their journey which consumes their accomplishments few years to be one of the top in tourism, economy, development, and evolution. Dubai is from...


Make Your Home Eco-Friendly !!

How to make your rental home eco-friendly? When making big changes to your rental home is not possible, here is how you can contribute to the environment smartly - Grow plants, make a garden Pot your plants. They are easy to move when you doIf you have a patch of land, turn it into a kitchen garden and grow your own vegetables & herbsIf you have less space, place plant pots on windowsills,...

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